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Benefits of
Kennel Link™

  • Easy to Use
    Kennel Link™ was designed with the non-computer user in mind. Adding customers and reservations is a snap. You are prompted through the entire process and enter data as you go. No training is required and handling staff turnover is easier than ever with Kennel Link™.
  • Flexible
    Our software is tailored around your facility. As your business grows and expands so will your software. Your Kennel Link customer and pet database can also be used by multiple facilities.
  • Low Start-up Cost
    Since Kennel Link™ is web-based, you don't have the expensive initial investment of pre-packaged software. All that is required to get started is a modest set-up fee and the first month's service fee.
  • Saves Time and Money
    This system gives you instant access to your records from home and the shop or anywhere you have an internet connection. Kennel Link tracks customers, their accounts, and all the details of their animals. Quickly create daily service schedules and reports for your staff. Instantly check availability for any date and run size. No more paperwork.
  • Online Boarding Reservations
    Allow your customers to create an account and make boarding reservations from your company's website. View an overview video.
  • Online Payment Option
    With our integrated credit card processing, your customers can make deposits for future reservations and payments for previous stays online.
  • Customer-Facing Kiosk
    With our integrated credit card processing, allow your customers to view and pay their bill using our customer-facing kiosk. When a card is used for payment, they can sign directly on the kiosk using their finger and their signature is stored in your database. The kiosk is a Windows-based tablet and can be mounted on your counter for your customer's viewing. With our kiosk configuration page, you can modify many optional settings such as displaying a tip prompt, displaying your logo, offering your customer the option to print or email their receipt, and much more. Read more about the kiosk...
  • Store Documents Electronically
    With a DropBox account, you can store customer contracts, vaccination records and other important documents electronically. Just scan in the document and store it in DropBox through Kennel Link. You can access these files with the click of a button.
  • No Software to Install
    Installation of software can be a daunting task. How many times have you installed new software on your computer and found that after you've finished the installation everything on your computer looks and works differently? With Kennel Link™, there is no software to install and none of your computer settings will be modified. Just access our system over the internet. It's that easy.
  • Minimal Computer Requirements
    Kennel Link™ is run on our secure server so your computer doesn't need to perform any complex tasks. If you can access the internet you can use Kennel Link™. You can use your PC or Mac. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers are supported.
  • Software is Always Up-to-Date
    We upgrade our software continually throughout the year. Stop waiting for the annual upgrade just for bug fixes or the latest features. All of our customers' software is always up-to-date.
  • Complete Point-of-Sale Solution
    With the integrated credit card processing, barcode scanning, and cash drawer features shown below, Kennel Link™ provides a complete point-of-sale solution.
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
    Kennel Link™ provides a complete and easy-to-use credit card processing solution that integrates with your Kennel Link™ site. You can process all major credit and debit cards quickly and securely. No more fumbling with a separate card terminal and each transaction takes approximately 5 seconds! With our Public Access module, your customers can also make online payments for deposits or previous stays. Read more about credit card processing...
  • Integrated Gift Card Processing
    Using Kennel Link's™ integrated card processor enables you to issue and redeem gift cards quickly and easily. Gift cards are a well known way to increase your earnings not only from unredeemed cards but from additional purchases at the time of redemption. Read more about gift card processing...
  • Integrated Email
    Sending reminders, bills/receipts, and ad-hoc messages via email is quick and easy with our integrated ability to send email.
  • Barcode Scanning Capability
    Selling products is a snap when using a barcode scanner with Kennel Link™. Don't waste precious time selecting products from a list. Just scan your products with a barcode scanner that is attached to your computer using a USB connection.
  • Cash Drawer
    Kennel Link™ works with cash drawers attached to the serial or USB port when you use Windows and Internet Explorer. Read more about cash drawers...
  • PetDetect Compatible
    Have you ever had three dogs named Brandy or four black labs at your facility at the same time? With PetDetect and Kennel Link™, you can print pet collars to help you identify who is who! You can also print labels for their personal property so nothing gets lost. Read more about PetDetect...
  • Tax Deductible
    Kennel management software is a business expense that is tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor or accountant for more information.
What Kennel Link™ customers are saying...

I highly recommend the program. It's easy to use and can be adapted to any kennel's needs.
Bonnie B.
Chicago, IL

As a new business owner, I am just learning what my needs are. So far the program has met those needs. And if there has been something else I needed, Kennel Link has been very accommodating.
Jeri F.
Wilton, CA

I would recommend Kennel Link to others because they are dependable and responsive to requests. I like the fact that we have the ability to customize as we grow and our services change.
Kathryn G.
Jamesport, NY

Kennel Link's customer service is great.
Patrice S.
Burlington, WA

Kennel Link is quite easy to figure out. The site is very easy to navigate.
Katie M.
Whitestown, IN
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