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Kennel Webcam Benefits

You have a trip coming up—a weekend getaway, family vacation, or maybe you’re traveling for work. You’ve packed your suitcase with everything you need, but you know there’s not room in your bag to smuggle your dog aboard the airplane. It can be difficult to leave your pets at a kennel, especially when you don’t know how they’re doing while you’re away. You’ve done your research on nearby kennels, and some of them offer webcam services so you can view live video of your pets while they’re staying at the kennel. You decide leaving your dog might not be as big a challenge if you can check on her each day, so you make your reservation with a kennel equipped with webcams.

Many kennels nowadays are integrating webcams with their businesses. Webcams provide customers with this option can relieve anxiety about leaving their pets. Besides giving customers peace of mind, webcams can also attract new customers to your business, especially if some of your competitors don’t have them. Also, you can charge customers more for this additional service, which will provide your business with extra income. So how would your business get started with webcam services?

Kennel Webcams Options

There are many options available when it comes to kennel webcams. Many webcam companies provide installation at a low cost and frequently offer full packages with the webcam equipment and the software needed to use it. Companies often provide maintenance and tech support for a monthly or yearly subscription fee. Once you’ve installed the system, you can start offering webcam services to your customers. Usually, customers will get a username and password in order to log in online to view the video feed. The livestream is commonly available for access on computers, phones, and tablets, so customers can access it anywhere.

Adding webcams to your facility is an investment of installation, maintenance, and money, but many kennels are finding that investment worthwhile. Webcams attract new customers as well as increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction. Leaving for that trip isn’t so bad when you can check on your pet with the push of a button.

Sending love to you and your pets,
The Kennel Link Team

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Upselling Services

How to Upsell Services Dog Boarding & Grooming Header Image Boarder Collie Puppy Playing with basketball

Upselling Services Benefits Business & Customers

People love their pets. When customers board their animals at your kennel, they want to make sure their furry family members are receiving the best possible care. As the owner of a kennel, not only do you want to ensure this, but another of your business objectives is to obtain income. The convergence of these two goals makes it possible for your kennel to make more money by offering customers special services when they board their pets.

Some kennels offer an “all-inclusive” experience for boarded pets by automatically including playtime, treats, walks, or other similar services. These kennels are missing out on an exceptional opportunity—customers will readily pay for the special services that these kennels offer for no additional charge. Pet owners want their pet’s experience at your kennel to be the best it can be, so that means that when you offer special services to enhance their pet’s stay, your customers will likely jump on board and pay that extra fee.

What to Offer

Special upselling services you might consider offering and charging for at your kennel include:

  • Walks or hikes
  • Playtime with staff members
  • Treats
  • Pet Taxi
  • Nail trims
  • Brushing
  • Cuddle time
  • Bedtime stories
  • Kennel Webcams

Pet owners want their happy, healthy pets to stay that way even when they’re not at home. These services would benefit the pets you board, satisfy customers, and lead to a more prosperous business for you. If your kennel doesn’t offer special services or includes them for free with boarding, know there is a huge source of untapped income waiting for you inside that bag of tasty treats.

Sending love to you and your pets,
The Kennel Link Team