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Gift Card Processing
with Kennel Link™

Using Kennel Link's™ integrated credit card processor enables you to issue and redeem gift cards quickly and easily. Gift cards are a well-known way to increase your earnings not only from unredeemed cards but from additional purchases at the time of redemption.

How Does it Work?

Gift cards are created with your own artwork in full color. This might include your logo, photographs, text, etc.

Gift cards are issued using the Gift Cards link under the products section of your Kennel Link™ home page. Simply enter the amount and swipe the card. The gift card will be credited and the purchasing customer's account will be charged.

A gift card's balance may be checked from the Gift Cards page. Simply swipe or key in the card to check it's balance.

When a customer pays with a gift card, the "Gift Card" option is selected as the payment method on the lower portion of the customer's bill. The card can then be swiped using a magnetic stripe reader or keyed in using your secure pad. The card will be debited and the customer's account will be credited up to the balance remaining on the card.

All gift card transactions are processed securely over the same internet connection that you use to access Kennel Link™. Card balances are maintained at the card processor rather than on the card itself.

You will receive a monthly statement from the card processor showing all outstanding card balances.

What is required?

You must use OpenEdge, our integrated card processor, for all of your credit, debit, and gift card processing. Read more about credit card processing...

What Does it Cost?

There are no set-up fees to enable gift cards on your credit card processing account with OpenEdge.

There are fees for each transaction and an additional monthly fee that includes two gift card reports.

Gift cards have your own artwork on them and are printed in batches of 500 or more.

For detailed pricing information, contact Charlie Lautenbach of OpenEdge at (919) 335-0109

Set-Up Process

  1. Establish a card processing account by following the procedure on the credit card page.
  2. Contact Charlie Lautenbach of OpenEdge at (919) 335-0109 to complete the gift-card application process, submit artwork, and order cards.
  3. When you use OpenEdge to process credit and debit cards through Kennel Link, your site is already enabled for gift cards.

Technical Support

OpenEdge Technical Support is (800) 774-6462.

Now, you may use the Gift Cards page from your Kennel Link™ home page to manage gift cards and use the gift card payment method on customers' bills.

Sales Questions?

Call Charlie Lautenbach of OpenEdge at (919) 335-0109
or Kennel Link™ at (877) 789-LINK (5465).
What Kennel Link™ customers are saying...

Kennel Link is extremely user-friendly! My new-hires pick it up very quickly.
Bonnie B.
Chicago, IL

The entire system is great - we are in the dark without it.
Bill S.
Centerton, AR

Their personalized service is fantastic and I would highly recommend them for anyone's pet care facility's software needs!
Jennifer P.
Lexington, KY

I like the fact that there is no software to install!
Kathryn G.
Jamesport, NY

Kennel Link is quite easy to figure out. The site is very easy to navigate.
Katie M.
Whitestown, IN
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