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Kennel Link™

  • Customer Records
    Maintain detailed records of your customers including address, phone number, emergency contact information and any other important information that you want to keep on file. You will be able to serve existing customers more quickly and efficiently because their information is already on file and available at the click of a button.
  • Pet Records
    Maintain detailed records of your customer's pets including name, pet's photo, pet type, breed, gender, weight, birthdate, vaccination expiration dates and more. Vaccinations are tailored for your facility and can be mandatory or option at your discretion.
  • Boarding Reservations
    The reservations portion of the management system will be tailored specifically to your boarding facility. Each dog run and cat condo at your facility will be entered into the management database so that making reservations is simple. Checking for availability is a very easy task and takes only seconds. All boarding rates, multiple pet discounts and/or other desired discounts are entered into the database as well so all price calculations are performed by the computer.
  • Grooming Reservations
    Reserve grooming appointments for dogs and/or cats. You can have a specific breed list to choose from or generic sizes and hair lengths... it's tailored around your grooming shop. Other grooming services can also be reserved such as nail trims, flea treatments and painting nails! While making a reservation, a specific groomer can be reserved or "No Preference" can be chosen. Record a pet profile so when a customer returns, you will know what kind of groom was given to the pet on the previous visit and how much the customer was charged. Notes may also be kept regarding the pet's temperament and whether they have bitten in the past.
  • Daycare Reservations
    Morning, afternoon and all-day reservations can be made for your daycare business with arrival time scheduled and shown on the Daycare Report. Make single appointments or recurring appointments simply and easily. Frequent-use "cards" can be preprogrammed and banked for a customer. Deduct credits from a customer's account as they use your daycare.
  • Point of Sale
    Manage and sell products. Use an optional barcode scanner, cash drawer and/or integrated credit card processing to process point of sale transactions quickly and easily.
  • Email
    Communicate with customers more easily. Send reservation reminders, bills/receipts, and ad-hoc messages via email. All from within Kennel Link™
  • Daily Schedule
    Print out a schedule of special services that need to be completed today. Sure, the animals need to be fed and watered daily but did you remember to give Lucky his pills at 9:00am? The schedule lists walks, playtime, medications and other special services that were scheduled during the check-in process. Tasks can be listed at a specific time or under a more general "Anytime" heading. A daily schedule can also be created for groomers.
  • Kennel Reports
    Do you need to know who is checking out today? Or maybe you'd like to know how much money was made this month. With reports in Kennel Link, you can view these and much more. You can see who's vaccinations are expired and who needs to sign your facility contract. You can also download your customer list and print out mailing labels.
What Kennel Link™ customers are saying...

Kennel Link is quite easy to figure out. The site is very easy to navigate.
Katie M.
Whitestown, IN

Cindy is incredibly quick in responding to and addressing any issue that may arise. They have been an integral part of our daily operations.
Jennifer P.
Lexington, KY

I cannot imagine running my kennel without it!
Bonnie B.
Chicago, IL

The entire system is great - we are in the dark without it.
Bill S.
Centerton, AR

I love your software and have really come to rely on it. We are at the Beach in North Carolina for vacation. While here, I can still take kennel calls, and make reservations via a forwarded kennel phone, and your program on the Internet.
Keith C.
Manito, IL
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