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Because there is no large software package to buy, your start-up cost for Kennel Link™ is minimal. All that is required to get started is a modest one-time set-up fee and the first month's service fee. Unlimited customer support is included at no additional charge. Our user contract is month-to-month. If you decide you don't like Kennel Link™ for any reason, just cancel your service. A "space" is defined as a kennel or a daycare dog. For example, 20 kennels and the ability to book 20 daycare dogs would be 40 spaces. Grooming does not add to the number of spaces.

Boarding Management

Our Boarding Management module is our most popular offering and includes everything you'll need to get your boarding business running smoothly. It includes retail, unlimited customer and pet information, reports, and billing.

Daycare Management

Our Daycare Management Module includes extensions to boarding management that are geared toward running a pet daycare. Also includes retail, unlimited customer and pet information, reports, and billing.

Grooming Management

With our grooming module, you can have a specific breed list or generic sizes and hair lengths... it's tailored around your facility. Other grooming services can also be included. A specific groomer can be selected, notes can be taken on the pet profile as well as photos stored.

Optional Modules
Public Access
Kennel Link Kiosk

Kennel Link allows your customers to create an account and make boarding reservations from your website. With our card processor, you can also accept deposits and payments of outstanding balances.

Electronic File Storage
Kennel Link Website Features Desktop Icon

Store customer contracts and vaccination records electronically through Kennel Link with DropBox.

Kennel Link Online Dog Boarding & Grooming Software Text Feature Icon

Text customers automatically. Text reservation confirmations, thank you notes, vaccination expiration warnings, etc. Monthly fee plus usage fee of $0.015 per text.

Optional Equipment
Customer Facing Kiosk
Kennel Link Kiosk

Your customers can view, pay and sign their bill using our customer-facing kiosk when you use our card processor. Statistics have shown dramatic increases in tip percentages from customers who use the kiosks.

Barcode Scanner
Kennel Link Barcode Icon

Selling products is a snap when using a barcode scanner with Kennel Link™. Don't waste precious time selecting products from a list. Just scan your products with a barcode scanner that is attached to your computer using a USB connection.

PetDetect Startup Kit
Kennel Link Kiosk

Have you ever had three dogs named Brandy or four black labs at your facility at the same time? With PetDetect and Kennel Link™, you can print pet collars to help you identify who is who! You can also print labels for their personal property so nothing gets lost.

PetDetect Media
(24 Rolls)
Pet Detect Kennel Link Collar Icon

The PetDetect system uses convenient, pre-made collars to print the labels onto. With each roll of media, you can print approximately 70 to 80 collars or 200 labels.